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MakerSpace NYC

Borough: Staten Island
Industry: Community

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Best of Staten Island - Winner 2019

What inspired you to create this website or entity?

MakerSpace NYC was started with the idea that we can empower people by teaching them new skills and giving them access to tools and equipment that they might not otherwise have. Through our encouragement people can start their own businesses and help create better neighborhoods and communities. We work with individual entrepreneurs, artists, other community organizations to give them access to tools, prototyping/design services, and classes to build their skills so that they can bring their ideas to life. The .nyc domain has inspired an entire rebranding of the makerspace identity as we expanded into Brooklyn and exemplifies our dedication to helping all New Yorkers to create and make.

How does your website or entity represent or contribute to the local community or borough which you represent?

MakerSpace NYC works with many community partners and schools to extend what we do in the makerspace to neighborhoods all around Staten Island. For example, we created a sculpture park in an abandoned lot where we host cultural events and artists can present sculpture, murals, and performances. Our mobile makerspace, The STEAM Wagon travels all around New York to schools and other locations bringing some of our workshop tools and programs to people outside of our immediate neighborhood. We recently opened a second location in Sunset Park Brooklyn where we hope to continue our mission.